The Children of Oakrise and the Great Lantern Festival

Blessed Martinmas! For those celebrating, here is a tale to enjoy!   The Children of Oakrise and the Great Lantern Festival By Amber Hellewell   A very long time ago, in a small village called Oakrise, there lived a small, but hearty people. Although they were no larger than the doves and chickadees, they were [...]

Preparing for Candlemas

Before I moved to rural Michigan, the darkness and length of winter were alleviated by the lights and activity of the big city. We celebrated Candlemas with candle dipping and crafting and singing, and it was lovely. It was a sweet tradition, but I didn’t really understand why it had been observed for centuries. Our [...]

Advent thoughts: Giving our Presence

During the season of Advent I get caught between two extremes:  a desire to cuddle up on my couch, surrounded by quilts and the entangled arms and legs of my children AND to miraculously deep clean my entire house, complete my resolutions from the beginning of the year, teach thoughtful/engaging/life changing lessons and create homemade [...]

Coming Home: Relationships and Connection, Guest Post with Nicola

Meet Nicola Piccola, one of the wonderful homeschool mothers that Has inspired me in my own journey.    Nicola is an in tune and intentional mother who homeschools her children in Northern California. Her honesty in her posts has always resonated with me and I find myself wandering over to her blog when I need [...]

Summer days and epiphanies

Hello my dear friends and fellow creative mamas! I hope that this month finds you fully present in making wonderful memories with your family. Some of those memories will of course be of tantrums, messy houses and maybe a mama meltdown (or two!). But, hopefully it is being sprinkled in with lovely moments of nature, [...]