Misty Mountains


Family learning has become our new favorite mode of schooling. I know that I am not alone in being overwhelmed by planning and presenting multiple lessons and themes that are perfectly tailored to each child.

I know that when stress, lack of sleep and feelings of inadequacy collide I need to reevaluate my priorities and make adjustments. Sometimes I try to find solutions in reorganizing my house, re-working our rhythm or simply eating more chocolate! This time, I recognized that I could fill all of our buckets by creating a unit for all of us. The Hobbit had ben on our reading list for a while, and a dear online friend suggested that we use it during Michaelmas season.

Me and the kids were transported!

On days when sleep was great and I bounced out of bed I read aloud and we followed our readings with writing and art projects to go along with the chapter. On days when I gave in to Masterpiece Theater the night before (unfortunately, that seems to happen alot 😉 ) we listen to the audio book on Youtube. We worked on handwork and baked delicious hobbity treats each week. It may be a side effect that a hobbit’s waistline appears upon finishing the book 😉

I knew that Noah (9, 3rd grade) would be hooked, but I was surprised at how much Hannah (5) became glued to every word. I was thrilled to see how the story images entered their play. It enlivened their time in nature. Every outing became an epic adventure.

Because I know that I am not alone in this treadmill of planning, teaching and living, I wanted to offer my completed Hobbit guide here.

It has 95 pages full of color, well planned lesson ideas for each chapter and a wonderful collection of handwork, art projects and recipes to enliven each day.

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