After Spring Rains

We are anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring. The home we are renting has expansive wooded areas around it which give us the opportunity to go on nature walks everyday. We have been looking for worms and the first hints of green and purple. I have a feeling that we will wake up one of these mornings and it will all appear at once. Michigan doesn’t do “subtle” weather very well 😉


Springtime Rains

by Amber Hellewell


The robin sang a sweet springtime song

The rain came down and I could feel it too

a song in my heart and new life in my steps

new life within me and all around me


Time for springtime cleaning, dusting, sweeping

out with the old and in with the new.

Time for resting

Time for growing


Time to dream of warm weather journeys

Time to prepare the soil.

Time to plant wee seeds that will soon become…

the beauty and bounty of our garden.





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