Dipping our toes into camping

Ah Nature….. how I love you and how you enjoy tormenting me whenever I try to camp šŸ˜‰ Every year it is something…..

I suppose I can count my blessings that this year a wanderer did not come and stroke the outside of our tent for twenty minutes (true story). Or that Taylor did not stumble over a boulder and cut open his leg and eat a face-full of dirt šŸ˜‰

Our backyard camping trip was lovely until 1 in the morning when a ravenous racoon came next to our tent. She was massive and obviously didn’t NEED the snacks, but sat on our bench with the chips, graham crackers and marshmallows and nosily munched away. I would rustle the tent and shine the flash light on her hoping that she would give up and I could get some sleep. I made all kinds of bizarre primitive noises but mostly just ended up laughing at myself. I finally got her to run away and fall asleep again when our neighbor decided to go night fishing with his Crazy UFO light flashing boat. I’ve got a lot more work to do before we do our “REAL” camp outs this summer. On the list: pack food away, take NyQuil, wear an eye mask.

I applaud those of you with kids who do it so well. It is my parent guilt that keeps me comin’ back for more camping torture. Well, and because I love these sticky marshmallow-covered kiddos.

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