Coming Home: Introduction

I really should have known better. It was 15 minutes into our day and the stress breathing had already begun. My youngest was exhausted, and the older two were wishing that at 8 in the morning they were anywhere but in the car. As we started off our new homeschool year calendar overstuffed with co-op classes,  extra curricular activities, and a list of commitments on my end, the feelings of dread began.

You see, I had planned our year according to the fears that what I was providing in the walls of my own home would never be enough. I had set aside my intuition and the real needs of my children to check off the lists of what I felt we should be doing. After the newness of the first two weeks set in, my stress levels skyrocketed and we began to experience tummy bugs and colds every other week. We were living so far out of line with our family’s needs and desires that we had literally shut down.

Over the course of the year we spent a lot of time meditating on our intentions as a family and how we were choosing to spend our time, resources and energy. From our home environment, to our work projects, to our diets and our media choices. If it  wasn’t helping us create the life we wanted, then it needed to go. 12 months later, we are still striving and working on that goal of true intentional living.

IMG_3489This story is not just about homeschooling. Nor is it just about Waldorf Education or any other ideology. It is really about each family learning to find their own path and discovering joy in that choice. So, whether you are homeschooling this year, or honoring your feelings to send your kids to school this year, each are beautiful, intentional choices. Each path and all the other ones in between are fine here ❤️

311C8B54-9F77-4FEB-8029-20CCBBDB8B03As I have moved through this journey of seeking joy in my parenting and homeschool experience, I have been inspired by so many creative, intuitive and authentic women who are really owning their own journeys. I have been uplifted by their positivity, grounded by their steadiness in the face of a rapidly changing and chaotic world and have been moved to change as I watch them transform their own lives through intentional living. This month, you will be privileged to hear from them and I know that their words will help you as your create your best school year!

Thank you for joining me. You are welcome here.


Tomorrow we will be discussing how to create a Morning of Intention ✨🍁


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