Advent thoughts: Giving our Presence

29F2D1BD-FF17-4459-AFC2-4D348A5E8AEADuring the season of Advent I get caught between two extremes:  a desire to cuddle up on my couch, surrounded by quilts and the entangled arms and legs of my children AND to miraculously deep clean my entire house, complete my resolutions from the beginning of the year, teach thoughtful/engaging/life changing lessons and create homemade gifts for everyone I love. (Phew!) Both of these desires are so common for mothers and yet they are at war with each other. 

How do we choose between stillness and productivity? Is it possible to have both? 

 I think it must be rare that my children see me sitting still and being present. It’s not that I mean to whip myself into a flurry of busyness or distraction. The dishes, meals, laundry and bills seem to call out more loudly. We fall into a dangerous trap of defining our self worth based upon all that we accomplish in a day. 

Isn’t it fitting then, that for mothers who are overburdened and overwhelmed that the best gift we can give our families is to simply BE. 

To know that who we are is even more than all we do in a day. 

To be ourselves, to be present and to let the magic of who we are be enough for our families.




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