Preparing for Candlemas

Before I moved to rural Michigan, the darkness and length of winter were alleviated by the lights and activity of the big city. We celebrated Candlemas with candle dipping and crafting and singing, and it was lovely. It was a sweet tradition, but I didn’t really understand why it had been observed for centuries.

Our first winter in Michigan; February took on a whole new meaning. Our friends would talk about that month like a dreaded in-law that had to visit and never wanted to leave. I found it a little humorous until I experienced it for myself! Time slowed, the daylight hours were oppressively short and dark, the landscape became bleak and gray and everyone had cabin fever! By the time Candlemas arrived, I craved the light and green of Springtime more than ever!

Within our home there was a heaviness in the atmosphere. Our rhythm was off, our diet felt heavy from the excesses of the holidays, and physical clutter and “to-do’s” had taken over. Near Candlemas, I physically and spiritually felt an awakening, like a sleeping bulb in the soil that is ready to stretch out its roots and reach for the light of the sun. Have you experienced this sensation?

What I discovered as I studied Candlemas traditions and applied them to our home, was how necessary those practices of cleansing, inner care, and intention setting are for our own well being and growth. Truly honoring Candlemas during this time taught me to grow that fire of intention and potential even when the world around me still seemed dark and cold. Candlemas reminds us that there is always growth that can take place. As we learn to notice all of the changes that are happening in nature, it helps us to recognize the power of our own small choices.

These small intentions and preparations for Spring are like the tiny buds that begin to appear on the trees, blades of grass poking the through the snow and the spotting of a snowdrop. Just like a gardener would begin making plans for the growing season ahead, we must also set those intentions for our own growth.


This year I have created a lovely collection of Candlemas helpers to guide you into living this festival in your heart and home.

The simple activities that I have included in this guide warmed my soul during
the time of year when my anxiety and depression seemed to become more pronounced. The rituals of self-care and intention truly nourished me and my family in preparation for the coming of Spring. I hope that you will find something new in this guide that can also help you in your understanding of this lovely festival.

The Candlemas mini guide and collection include lovely artwork, tutorials and ideas to help you beat the Winter doldrums and prepare for the end of winter.

a mini guide with festival ideas, inner work prompts, recipes, a story and songs to sing.
beautiful Brigid painting
coloring page of Brigid
Candlemas wall hanging tutorial
Hidden window calendar of a snowy woodland scene that is transforming into Spring.


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