Amber is a creative, passionate and big-hearted ENFJ, Choleric/Sanguine, and DYT 3/1 😉

She grew up in the Central Valley of California, surrounded by wholesome values and a big tradition oriented family. She is the oldest of six kids. As a child and teen, she was unbelievably messy, disorganized, creative and loveably awkward. Her life goals were to become a mermaid and discover the existence of King Arthur.

While studying at BYU, she feel in love with Taylor on their first date where they bonded over Star Wars and Thai food. Quickly after becoming a teacher, Amber realized that what she desired most of all was to teach her own children. Each year since that leap has been an amazing adventure!

Today, not much has changed, but Amber is always striving towards deeper and more intentional living. She calls herself “soggy granola”. She tries to be crunchy and does what she can, but some days there is nothing better than Wendy’s. Joining her is her creative-head-in-the-clouds-loveable husband, Taylor and their three spunky children.

Here in this chaotic paradise, they homeschool, create, enjoy new friends, delicious food, the library and the great outdoors of their new home.

They are inspired by Waldorf Education, but are firstly trying to support their children in learning paths that are unique to them and to the needs of their whole family. Because of this, you may see a little bit of Charlotte Mason and unit studies.

When Amber is not parenting, homeschooling or planning for homeschooling… you can usually find her painting or sewing in front of a BBC show, enjoying a local restaurant with friends or talking about conspiracy theories with her adorable hubby.

What will you find here:

Inspiring stories about following your own intuition as you live and parent

Simple and beautiful ways to follow the changing of the seasons

How to life an art-filled life

How to live abundantly when money is tight

Adventures in homeschooling



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