Stepping into Unknown Places

And just like that are lives are in flux again! Some of you already know that the lovely home we have been renting is being sold. We have spent the last week up to our elbows in boxes and tape, purging, sorting and taping up the books, toys, clothing and mementos that we just unpacked [...]

The Power to Become Whole

Blessed Easter to you all.... This year I am especially grateful for sweet children who did not make a peep about the absence of baskets this morning! I was asked to speak at church and I cannot think of a more intimidating Sunday... but as I prepared for the talk, I had so many witnesses [...]

What St. Lucia Means to Me

This post originally appeared at Happy Hedgehog Post. Winter memories…The sounds of Swedish folk music playing in the background, gingerbread cookies from my Great-grandmother’s recipe, smells of cinnamon, evergreen and lingonberry sauce.  I can close my eyes and vividly recall sitting on my Grandpa’s lazy boy, curled up in a blanket, dreamily watching their golden [...]